It's funny to see others posting daily about love, honor, respect, integrity, and so on & to laugh.... not at them, but at how far I have grown.

I used to seek honest people, then be let down when they lacked integrity. I felt that if I treated others with "respect" then I deserved the same. And when I didn't get it, again either I'd bet angry or broken-hearted at the betrayal, yet again. And love, well, that is a "never-ending" topic it seems.

But, I have come to understand SO much more. In order to actually find those things in another person, we must possess them, without fail, in our entire being. Otherwise, we draw to us exactly the vibrational frequencies that we are operating at and where we "lack", so do those who are attracted to us, on every level (friendship, relationships, clients, whatever).

Until I "shed" all of those low vibrational frequencies, until I "quit looking" for it in others and got ME to a place where I not only AM love, but I exude it in every fiber of my being. I no longer look for any of these things in another person, as anything less doesn't last long in my energetic field. If I DON'T PARTICIPATE it has nothing to do with me. I don't draw those frequencies any longer. Do I "run into" them, yes. But they don't have to be part of my world. I can teach & help others truly seeking to learn & heal regardless of where they are. Because if their heart is open, then I can help them. I can "see" or "feel" less honorable intentions, and just don't make it part of my existence. 

Most of all, the things most lack of which is so completely important is "trust in self". Now I TRUST me! That is all I ever needed, but had to "learn" to do. When we truly trust ourselves, we don't technically "care" about another, because everything just falls into place. I trust myself enough not to need to find others to trust. May not make sense to anyone else, but I get it. :) And more than that, I trust the universe. I am putting out exactly what I need now. I "tried" to believe that before, because I was a good person, but I still "lacked" and couldn't completely let go enough to do so. 

It used to drive me absolutely crazy to "keep" seeing the lack of integrity in people. But, that is THEIR issue. Not mine. I can recognize it, know it and that is all I need. I no longer place expectations on people or anything. I just "know" what is right and maintain that "flow" that I only saw before as an impossible, crazy, distant desire.

Now that I am in a place of utter and complete peace, love, integrity, honesty, kindness and everything healing energetically, I no longer worry about other people. I don't seek those things in others because I have found them & possess them in myself now. I can only help/heal if I don't bring myself down to that level. Being a clear & clean vessel, that is not even an option anymore. 

This place of perfection absolutely rocks! Thank you Universe!!!! 



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